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The United States government continually creates and stores documents as a matter of public record. These documents, which serve as a way to record significant events in a citizen’s life, are accessible by the public. However, knowing where to look for those documents is often a complicated endeavor.

The information contained within a public record can come in handy during a multitude of occasions. Whether you need to investigate the details of a prior marriage, see the result of an old judgment in court, purchase a new home or car, or review an individual’s military service record, a Private Firm knows the best and most accurate places to look.

Private Firms and the Public Records Search

When you begin to investigate an individual or company, looking through public records is often a must. In fact, many experts believe that public records are the best way to paint an accurate picture of a person’s life. Common searches in public records investigations, at least those that are conducted by a Private Firm, usually include but are not limited the following:

  • Credit records
  • Property records
  • Driving records
  • Bankruptcies and judgments
  • Court records
  • Prison records
  • Financial and/or asset records
  • Marriage records
  • Adoption records
  • Military records
  • Employment records
  • Aliases and name changes
  • International and/or travel records
  • Genealogical records

When launched and conducted by a Private Firm, a public records search can render a lot of useful information. In general, these types of searches are a vital part of criminal cases, background checks, and other types of personal private investigation.

Benefits to Hiring a Private Firm for a Public Records Search

By hiring a Private Firm you can benefit in numerous ways. Individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and law firms all depend on private investigators to collect pertinent information through public records. A Private Firm has the ability to discover and present vital information quickly and efficiently, which is much more useful than trying to gather the information on your own.

Are Original Records Needed?

As always, the best evidence is always in the form of the original document. Copies might suffice in some instances, but documentary evidence can become shaky when the original is not presented. This is especially true during litigation, wherein uncertified documentation might be challenged by lawyers and/or the court. Allow a Private Firm to legally and ethically track down, verify, and present the public records investigation findings for you.

For more information on having a public records investigation conducted on your behalf, or to hire a Private Firm immediately, call 844-663-4631. We provide you with a free initial consultation and price quote for our services.

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