Background Checks: Pre-Marital/Dating

You’ve met someone you really like. Things are getting serious.

You may even be contemplating a proposal of marriage.

But do you really know as much about them as you should – before you allow them so completely into your life, home and finances?

Employers routinely order background checks on prospective employees. They do so as a matter of course, because they want to be sure that the people they’re allowing access to their businesses are as they’re representing themselves. In today’s troubled world, they owe it to themselves – and to their other employees – to make sure that there is nothing untoward in someone’s past that may come to affect adversely the future of the business.

If an employer is careful to check into the background of an employee, does it not make even more sense for someone to verify the background of someone to whom they are giving unfettered access to their personal lives, family and home?

Private Investigatorhas been performing background checks since 1988. We have developed an 18-point protocol that goes into a subject’s past with extreme thoroughness and accuracy. We operate with consummate discretion in these types of personal investigations; the subject need never know that a background check has been performed.

The tabloid press is full of stories of people who unwittingly marry bigamists, con artists, criminals, and even hatchet murderers. Although such things unquestionably do happen, the reasons for ordering a background check on someone you’re dating or contemplating marrying are more mundane. While a background check can turn up a huge skeleton in someone’s closet, the client for this type of background check is usually looking for something less spectacular.

Does the person with whom you’re contemplating merging your finances have a financial past they haven’t disclosed? Have they gone through bankruptcies? Do they have any active tax liens?

  • Is the person employed as he or she has told you?
  • Has the person misrepresented his or her personal property?
  • Does the person have – or has he or she ever used – an alias about which you haven’t been told?
  • Does the person have an Internet identity of which you are not aware?
  • Are there previous (or even current) marriages and/or children about which you are unaware?
  • Does the person have a criminal record?
  • Does the person have a sex offender history?

For greater thoroughness, you may even consider running an Asset Search or Criminal History Check.

Our Dating/Pre-Marital Background Checks at Private Investigatorare meticulously prepared from searches conducted on and off the Internet, using databases not readily accessible to the general public. Our investigative team has an aggregate of 100 years’ experience in performing checks of this type. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs, and guarantee 100% confidentiality on any background check we perform.

There is nothing devious or sneaky about running a background check on someone with whom you are becoming seriously involved. You can save yourself a great deal of difficulties – and heartache – if you possess knowledge about who the person really is. You can also gain peace of mind when the background check shows that the person has been truthful with you and has nothing to hide.

It’s better to know.

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